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Blog Art. 24 written by I. Massala
Search the internet for the keyword short stay and you will only see ads of commercial rental properties intended for vacation rentals? Nothing wrong with that, but the word short stay can also be used for other purposes. And about this I write, partly with the mindset of the people behind Flickmyhouse.

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Suppose you come from the Netherlands and you must have a temporary home abroad for whatever reason. To solve that “reason” you also have to deal with a certain budget and you cannot afford to be in a semi-expensive apartment or hotel. Then an online provider of these apartments is of course the best solution. Well, I would think this too. But with the budget in mind, I also need to be able to switch quickly and I really want to have a home that fits my budget!

Flickmyhouse is the solution for this, suppose that is the reason that you need to go to university for a work visit, exchange or looking for a long-term home. Then you can arrange this switch in one go on the app without paying extra commission or fee costs to a broker or a headhunter.

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With the use of the app you can solve this conveniently to combine rental properties with short-stay homes, and bed and breakfast homes. You can also find temporary holiday homes in the Netherlands and Europe at this platform. Once abroad? This app also offers Products and Services through an integrated webshop and these can easily be linked to your home. So from now on no more hassle to view different websites and apps.

Find out for yourself how easy they have made it for you

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