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Today, protection and privacy is very important when purchasing your products and services this applies to any website you visit .

At Flickmyhouse we also take your experience as a user very seriously and treat it confidentially.

You as a user are central when it comes to cookie tracking to third parties . The forthcoming new law states that you must give your consent at all times when you visit any website.

From January 20, 2021 the new law will come into effect for advertisements, previously an affiliate partner was allowed to track you online or send notifications after 90 days. But as a user you had not given permission for this. Now, this will happen, in other words when you agree with the disclaimer and specifically the cookie tracking list of the relevant party (in this case FMH ).

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General terms and conditions Tenant

The use of the application is offered to parties who wish to search for housing to be rented through the application (users within the meaning of Article 1.2) and landlords of housing.

Owner Terms and Conditions

The use of the application is offered to providers (users within the meaning of Article 1.2) and potential tenants of living space.

Privacy policy

Flickmyhouse considers the careful handling of personal data of great importance. Flickmyhouse therefore guarantees that the personal data it has obtained will be treated confidentially in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.


Use of this website of Flickmyhouse (Truefip B.V.) and the associated services and actions for external users.

Cookie policy

Your tracking is always safe with us

Availability check Long-term rentals

Your rental offer always under control

Glossary *


FMH stands for the company Flickmyhouse and is part of Truefip B.V.

Premium partners is a deeply integrated partner at FMH that is linked with an API connection.

Affiliate partners are partners for advertisements and who provide tracking for advertisers from an affiliate network.
Cookie tracking list; Are small files that store and / or open on a device, personalized advertisements, content meeting, insights, GEO location data and product development in the audience actively scanning for identification.
You have clicked on an ad from Flickmyhouse and you are viewing a service or a product. You may have seen this advertisement at another party, this advertisement was paid for by
FMH, so your cookie is, as it were, a customer of FMH at that time. After this you go to an affiliate partner or premium partner via the FMH website to purchase your product or service.

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5. Internationale off en online Cross channel advertising.

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