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    My question is not included?

    Flickmyhouse is always open for feedback, mail your question to Flickmyhouse sales  or send a Whatsapp and your question will be assessed with care.

    My match card gets stuck?

    You need to refresh your browser, given the many browsers available for the internet, we always recommend Google Chrome for the best optimization & experience.

    How does the Flipcard work?

    To view our different products you need to use the “swipe” function. Just like on the FMH App, you swipe through to another section.

    Take a part of the Flipcard and then swipe it to the left or right. You see another product section; Rental Properties, Furniture, Holiday Rentals, Airline Tickets.

    Use the arrows to navigate in the existing category to view more products!

    Need extra help? Then use our 24-7 Whats app Support.

    How can I make a match?

    You are now in the flipcard section where you can match with any offer. For the holiday rentals flipcard you can use the filter on the right and make a match with one of the offered services / products on the provided date. You can also make a match in the app or at flickmyhouse.com

    How do I pay for my match?

    After you made your second match you must pay your match directly with the affiliate providers