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    Can I also make use of Flickmyhouse via the website?

    Yes, you can go to the Realtor Update section for more information

    Can I also offer my property as “short stay”?

    Short stay objects can be offered on the Flickmyhouse application for a rental period of at least 3 months.

    How do I know if the potential tenant is reliable?

    By means of the personal description and profile picture, you as a lessor can make an estimation of the person. You can also always take a look on this person’s Facebook page or google this person. In case of doubt, you can ask for tenant screening at a company that offers this.

    How do I get in touch with a tenant?

    When a tenant is interested in one of your offered properties, a notification will appear: [..] is interested in your object. When you have enabled push-up notifications, you automatically receive notifications about interested tenants.

    If the tenant agree with your demands, you can choose to accept the tenant. After the Flick moment, the chat function can be used. This way, you can ask questions that are still unanswered, too consequently plan a viewing.

    Also there is no limit to the number of chats.

    Within how many hours will my problem be solved?

    We try to fix common “bugs” within 24 hours. In case of an unknown “bug”, we apply 72 hours, so that we can present it to our developer.