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    How does the Match Process work?

    Before you start with your match combination please read carefully

    1. Select your product

    2. Your product goes to the shopping cart

    3. Return to select your 2nd product

    4. Select a match again 

    5. Your 2nd Match is now ready in shopping cart

    6. Here you can create, buy and save your match 

    7. Always use your re-direct page to finish your match process 

    8. Save your match via the app or receive Match via e-mail 

    9. Question(s) not answered? Use the search bar. 

    My selected availability does not match the (advertised) price?

    This might happen, when Flickmyhouse advertises a property under a specified price, there is always an availability attached to this. When you select your own data it may be that the price remains the same or turns out higher / lower. This is partly due to the fluctuations of prices during holiday seasons.

    We try to provide you with accurate data at all times. Should you nevertheless encounter a problem, or would you like more explanation? Mail to Flickmyhouse sales

    My question is not included?

    Flickmyhouse is always open for feedback, mail your question to Flickmyhouse sales  or send a Whatsapp and your question will be assessed with care.

    My shopping cart deleted everything at once?

    This is correct, your first match is always linked to your second match. So if you want to remove one of the two, this is not possible in the process of creating your match combination.

    We will reply within 48 hours if it is a “Technical bug”

    Have you already confirmed your first match? Then you can only delete / change your second match.

    Is your question not (fully) answered? Mail directly to Flickmyhouse Sales or send a WhatsApp. We will reply within 48 hours if it concerns “Technical bug”

    My match card gets stuck?

    You need to refresh your browser, given the many browsers available for the internet, we always recommend Google Chrome for the best optimization & experience.