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    The fastest Travel Hacks in The Netherlands

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    Travel Match Combination

    From January 2021 you can make your own Travel Match Combination. You will probably think, " Creating my own Travel Match Combination? "

    The best Travel Hack

    Save the best for later, and what is the best Travel Hack for 2021 ? Our app of course.From now on you no longer book a holiday home behind your PC. Flickmyhouse offers you more than 1.625.000+ unique holiday rentals in 21 countries across Europe. Book your holiday accommodation easily via your Smartphone!
    Travel Hack #1

    Long-term rentals

    Flickmyhouse wants to prevent misunderstandings and confusion regarding this Blog page concerning Matching products and services. The reason why there is no tenants blog is because the Regulations of the Netherlands, with Amsterdam as the main example, is quite changeable and separate from our platform.

    The fact that Flickmyhouse is the fastest rental platform in the Netherlands is because we bring supply and demand together. Well, we believe that there is a social interest in offering rental homes. Therefore we found it only logical to set up a Huurdersfonds .

    My advice is therefore that you always have our app installed so that you are always aware of the latest rental and holiday offers.

    The Flickmyhouse team