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√ Your money back in your account within 24 hours.

This is only possible at the fastest match platform in the Netherlands .

Premium delivery options

9.90 / month

Premium delivery options

9.90 / month


The shipping

Are they souvenirs from Morocco or a gift from Bordeaux in France for a family member, a friend or yourself? Taking souvenirs home a few years ago was always too much of a hassle! This will change because of our unique match system.

There are carriers available for you throughout Europe and these locations are linked to the GEO match locator from our marketplace, so you can drop off and ship your package from anywhere!

Questions about shipping rates? Check our contact page regarding sending your packages to the Netherlands

Additional information

Subscription validity

365 days + free pick-up for additional packages

Participating countries

European Union
North America

Suitable for

Souvenirs, Packages and Gifts, Household products, Return shipments, Luxury goods, 0 to 30 kilograms above is on request.

Shipping locations

DPD: 42.000
DHL: 3.000

PostNL: 3.000
DHL: 1.300

PostNL: 800

UPS: 27.000


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Premium delivery options

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