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    How does Flickmyhouse work?

    Flickmyhouse works from the reasoning that the tenant and the lessor get in touch quickly and easily. This occurs through a direct chat connection. By means of the personal profile of the tenant, the lessor gets an image of the interested person. In this way, the lessor can easily determine if this person is appropriate for the object.

    I no longer see any offers in the selected city.

    It may occur that you’ve swiped through all offers. Properties you’ve liked show up in your map of favorites.

    My purchase is not visible in my account.

    It may occur that your purchase in the Play/AppStore is not linked to your Flickmyouse account correctly. In this case, contact us through the contact form or send us a PM via Facebook.

    Can I save properties as favorites?

    All the properties you react on, are automatically saved in your favorites. Aren’t you sure whether you would like to react yet? Temporarily save the property in your favorites and decide later.

    What do I do if the owner appears to be unreliable?

    Please directly make us aware of this and our team will deal with this!
    You can send us an email with the owner’s data and why you think he/she is unreliable. We will see whether more people have experienced burdens and we will possibly deny this lessor further access to the app.

    How long does it take before I get a match?

    We cannot guarantee you a property or match (we are very honest in this), you control this by completing your profile and by staying realistic.

    How do I dislike a property?

    No interest in the property? Swipe to the left and press the DISLIKE button. This property will then be removed from the offer shown to you.

    I don’t get any reaction from owners

    It may also occur that a lessor does not find you an appropriate candidate for renting. Another possible reason is that you haven’t completely filled out the information in your personal profile. So make sure your profile is in excellent shape in order to be accepted more quickly!

    What do I do when a property appears to be already rented out?

    In principle, only available properties are shown.
    If you do find a property that is already rented out, however, you can send us an email with the data of the property, such as street name and the name of the owner. We will then make sure it gets removed from the database.

    A broker asks for a commission, is this allowed?

    As is described in our General Terms & Conditions Article 5.1, the broker or mediator is not entitled to ask for a commission in relation to the property offers available to the public on the application. If a broker still asks for this, however, you can invoke the Supreme Court judgment of October 16, 2015 art.7:425 BW. If you do run into problems, please contact us through the contact form on the website, we will look for a fitting solution.

    How can I delete my account?

    By going to your profile, consequently going to settings and pressing the button “delete my account”. Do note that this will remove your property/properties from the database.

    A lessor asks for key money. What is this and is this allowed?

    When you have to pay an amount to be able to rent a property without any performances in return, this is called key money. This is not allowed. It is a so called ‘unreasonable clause’ in the rental contract, which is forbidden by law. If you do decide to pay key moneyn (which we from FMH discourage!), you can reclaim this amount through the courts. You should be able to show you’ve paid this, however, by means of a receipt or witnesses.

    On what device can I download the app?

    You can download Flickmyhouse on both an IOS or an Android device.

    My email address does not work.

    We try to fix common “bugs” within 24 hours. In case of an unknown “bug”, we apply 72 hours, so that we can present it to our developer.

    Can I also make use of Flickmyhouse via the website?

    Yes, you can respond to a rental property from the website and directly chat with a landlord. Use the “Chat direct” button in the flipcard section for this.

    How do I respond to a property or room?

    You can respond to a property by LIKING the property or by swiping to the right. The landlord receives a message of your interest. If the landlord then accepts you, a Flick moment will arise. From there on you can chat with each other and schedule a viewing.

    Why do I have to validate my app?

    This for your own safety with regard to your personal information when purchasing. Flickmyhouse offers you your own Cloud environment for free in the app.

    Where does FMH store my data?

    FMH stores your data at Shockmedia.nl and this is linked to your Cloud account.

    How do I delete my Cloud account?

    This is linked to your standard account at FMH and if you delete it, it is also deleted in the Cloud and you can no longer view or restore it.

    I have deleted my Cloud account by mistake?

    You cannot create a new Cloud account, but a standard account.

    What is the difference with a standard account and a Cloud account?

    You need to validate a Cloud account at all times regarding your match products or a price you have won!

    What does my Cloud account entail?

    The Flickmyhouse server is under our own management and partly because of this we can offer you free Cloud storage of 15 MB.

    Why do we do this?  So that you as a tenant have access or can determine what happens to your supplied data.

    What happens to my data?

    Not that much really. Your data is shown to landlords, in addition we anonymize the data for internal user statistics. This so that we can measure and improve the use of our app. All data you provide will be managed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

    My question is not included!

    When your question is not included over here, you can reach us via mail info@flickmyhouse.com or you can give us a call on +31 (0)20-7055181. During weekends you can send us a PM via our Facebook page, we will reply as soon as possible!

    How do I make use of Flickmyhouse?

    1. Download the app

    2. Make the in-app purchase to gain access

    3. Complete your profile

    4. Like or dislike

    5. Save to favorites

    6. Chat with the landlord