Wherever you are, Flickmyhouse offers you access to the latest offer of rental properties. Swipe through the rental property database, react and chat with the lessor. As simple as that.

Experience how easy
we’ve made it for you by yourself.

Rent a house in the center of a city? Easily look at rental properties, for example in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, or Leiden. The offer exists of rooms, apartments, studios, family homes, maisonettes, and penthouses! We make sure the properties on the platform remain up-to-date, and we offer you access to the latest offer of properties.


You’re busy searching for a rental property and you’re not the only one. Just like many home seekers, you don’t know where to start. The well-known platforms will probably not bring you much and are often outdated. They nibble at your hard-earned savings, which are actually meant for your new property. Furtherly, it shouldn’t take too much of your time, of course. Because besides your busy job, you still need your time for socializing.

These problems belong to the past now. Swipe to your perfect home.

We cannot guarantee you a property or match (we are very honest in this), you control this by completing your profile and by staying realistic. We do make the search for a property much easier.

Flickmyhouse is the rental property platform where home seeker and provider can directly contact each other.
Flickmyhouse is just the platform for searching for rental properties, it is thus never the provider of the property itself.



Are you searching on your own, with your partner, or with a group?

It is all possible. Specify this in your personal profile. Your personal profile is actually used as your business card. You can adjust it as many times as you like. Upload photos and write a nice text about your situation in the personal description.

Make sure to describe your situation correctly, give the correct impression of you. It is also important to enter your annual incomes truthfully, do this to prevent disappointment.


Only see properties that comply to your preferences.

Use the search filter to only look at the properties that comply with your preferences. If you’re looking for an apartment with housemates or for students, set the filter to it and only see the properties that comply to your preferences.

Set whether you would like to look at the rental price including or excluding costs for gas, water, light, and service.

Want to search within 5 KM distance from the center? Set Google Maps to only look in the region you would want to live.

3. Swipe & like

Easily react on properties by liking them with a swipe movement.

Found a property that meets your wishes? LIKE! Only like the properties you are truly interested in, a notification is sent to the provider with every like. If you’d like everything, there’s a chance that the providers will not take you seriously.

Then, all you have to do is wait for a message from the provider!


Doesn’t the property meet your wishes? That’s possible!

Dislike the property by swiping to the left. You will not see this property again in the offers. So pay close attention, save the property in your favorites when you’re not sure.


React now or decide later.

When you like a property, it is automatically added to your favorites in the menu. Aren’t you entirely sure if you would like to react on a property? Save it in your favorites by means of the star-icon next to the like button. Then decide if you would like to react on the property at a later point.

6. Match & Chat

Chat directly with the provider of the property.

When you are selected by the provider of the house, your Flick moment appears. This means that the landlord has opened the chat function. You can find this in the menu under matches.

You can use the chat when the provider accepts you for a home. If you want more information about the rent or service costs, ask your question easily. Schedule a viewing? Just do it!

You simply receive the chat messages via the app on your Smartphone. You can receive notifications if you wish. You can easily adjust these settings.

7. Rent!

Flickmyhouse provides the platform… we make the connection between the tenant and the landlord and they ensure the match by them self.

Flickmyhouse is only the platform for the search for rental properties so never they are the provider of the property.


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