Flickmyhouse actually developed from experiencing irritations in the rental process. How is it possible that renting still occurs in the same way nowadays? Often laborious, involving too much money and time!

We have found something for that.

By developing Flickmyhouse, we have made things much easier for you, whether you are looking for a property or wanting to offer one.

By making use of our Flickmyhouse platform, you experience the process much easier, faster, and, not unimportant, much cheaper.

It is time for a change JOINTHEFLICKMOVEMENT 


We (the team behind Flickmyhouse) find it extremely important to be transparent and social towards our users.

We have all experienced the irritations during the search for a proper property or tenant. With more than 10 years of experience in the housing market, we can say that we’ve been through all annoying scenarios.

With this experience in our pockets, we now allow you to experience this search in a much easier and more pleasant way.