New features of the Flickmyhouse marketplace and app

Blog Art. 3.0 written by I. Massala

After 24 months of research, user feedback and brainstorming, they decided to add some features that most users have dreamed of. Part of the platform has been completely transformed to optimize User-friendliness for finding Properties. You can’t wait to share these 6 new features with all users. In this blog I describe the new functions of the Flickmyhouse platform.

Android 4.3

First, the Android version 4.3 has finally been completely upgraded for home seekers and all functions are equivalent to IOS. For example, the information on the home cards where the descriptions of the homes are more extensive and the photos are larger. The filter for facilities and amenities are more extensive than before

Advertisement section

The sections of advertisements are neatly divided over all categories and here you as a user look at the Match Process of the website with an oblique eye. These advertisements are not random but are from our affiliate partners and can be viewed free of charge, also on our website. In other words; both on the website and on the app you will not be flooded with just any advertisements.

Mail Direct

On the website Flickmyhouse has added a Mail Direct function and you as a user can receive a Reward when unlocking this video ad. The rewards will consist of the many offers they receive worldwide as requests. Ranging from Discounts on Rent and Vacation Rentals, Airline Tickets, Attractions, Furniture, Restaurants, Travel, Car Rental, it’s just too much to mention. See Blog art 1 for more information

150 MB Cloud storage in the app

Cloud can no longer be ignored on any device? Without a Cloud ID you cannot even open an email account, for example. Here too, the Flickmyhouse team has thought of the user. You will receive 150 MB of free cloud storage so your data purchases, download of the app and most importantly, sharing of your personal information are stored in your own account.

(for additional information about this feature please contact them personally)

We have various Affiliate partners on both the app and the website. One of them is who are very interested in our app. The API integration is complete and you as a user can chat directly with the owner or broker. This gives you a multiple choice of 160,000 rental homes and rooms worldwide on the app.

Shopping cart

In Blog art 6 the entire process is explained to you and what is possible. At the time of writing, the latest tricks are being added to the new shopping cart, which will be live at the end of January 2021

Feel free to contact us for more information about our platform.

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